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Rustycon 34 Guests of Honor Announced

The Venerated Guild of Scribes and Scriveners is proud to announce that our Author Guest of Honor for Rustycon 34 is Robin Hobb!

Robin Hobb is a fantasy novelist currently living and working in Tacoma, Washington.   Best known for The Farseer Trilogy (Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest), she has been actively writing and published since she was eighteen years old.

Born in California, she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska at the age of ten with her family in the early 1960’s.  She found she loved the wilderness and the deep dark and cold of the winters there.  Many of her experiences there flavor her writing.

In 1970 at the age of 18, she married Fred Ogden and moved to Kodiak Island where he quickly infected her with his love of all things maritime.  Over the course of the next forty years, as they followed the needs of his career, she lived in places ranging from Idaho to Hawaii and Alaska again.  They now reside in Washington State.  Their four children are now grown with children of their own.

Her writing career began under the name Megan Lindholm. She wrote for local newspapers as well as children’s magazines such as Highlights for Children and Jack and Jill, as well as creating short fiction for children to be used in the SRA programmed reading material.

In the 1980’s, she began to write short fantasy. In 1981 she won an award from the Alaska State Council for the Arts for her short story “The Poaching.  In 1983, she published her first novel, Harpy’s Flight. Other works under the Lindholm name include The Reindeer People, Wizard of the Pigeons and Cloven Hooves.  Her short fiction works have been finalists for both the Nebula and the Hugo awards and the winner of the Asimov’s Readers Award.

┬áIn 1995, Assassin’s Apprentice, her first work under the name Robin Hobb, was published by Bantam Books.  In the years since, she has written The Liveship Traders Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy, The Soldier Son Trilogy and the four volume tale, The Rain Wilds Chronicles.  Her current work in progress, tentatively titled The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, returns to the world of the Farseers and the realm of the Elderlings.

Her works have been translated into over twenty languages, and have won awards such as The Elf Fantasy Award in the Netherlands and the Imaginales Award for a Translated Work in France.  Closer to home, she has won the Endeavor Award for works published in the Pacific Northwest. 

Her hobbies include gardening, mushroom hunting and bothering her cat.  She also continues to write short fiction as Megan Lindholm.

The Artisan's Guild is proud to announce that our Costuming Guest of Honor for Rustycon 34 is Bill Doran!

Bill Doran is a professional prop maker from Seattle, WA. Together with his wife, Bill runs a small company called Punished Props. Their company is dedicated to creating stunning prop and costumes along with video and book tutorials for newcomers to the hobby. Find out more at

The Artisan's Guild is also proud to announce that our Artist Guest of Honor for Rustycon 34 is Michaela Eaves!

Michaela Eaves grew up in the wilds of Montana, surrounded by nature and animals and spent most of her free time drawing and reading all the best fantasy books the small town and school libraries could provide. The combination continues to heavily influence her art and writing. She's working on her second book, 42 Sketches 2, which features sketches she's drawn and is illustrated by microstories.

In her free time, she mountain bikes, spends time with her Rottweiler, and volunteers with the Washington State Animal Response Team.