Rustycon 35

A Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Seattle Airport Marriott, January 12-14, 2018

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Co-Chairman     David Langmack
Co-Chairman     Gene Armstrong
Vice Chairman     Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
  IT   Patrick McClellan
Treasurer     Chris Nilsson
  2nd Treasurer   James Stringer 
  Accountant   Shere'e Robinson
  Registration   Chuck Vanderlinden
  Dealers Room   Roberta Miller
  Dealers room 2nd   Demi
  Art Show   Kateri Howard
Secretary     Leslee Fuller
  Webmaster   Sarah Steever
  Social media   Ronnie Mason
Operations     Todd Milner
  Ops 2nd   Ducky
  Volunteers   Liz Langmack
Programming     Lee Fuller
  Gaming Room   Dustin Gross
  Events   Dawn Chronister
    Celestial Convention Michael Kenmir
  Help Desk   Jerry Gieseke

2017-18 Volunteer staff

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