Party Planning

If your organization is planning a party during the convention, you must reserve a King Suite for the number of nights the parties will be held. This room must be separate from your own room. You can reserve your room here. Please send your reservation confirmation to the Vice Chair at

No permit is required if you are planning a non-Alcohol party at the convention.

If you are planning a party that serves Alcohol please follow the instructions below:

Please make sure you go to the Liquor Control Board and read over the rules and get your Special Occaision License by no later than 10 days before Rustycon begins (January 3rd). Please keep in mind that the license costs $64 a night. Submit pending applications to Kathleen Hagan, Senior Event Manager at the Hilton. The hotel has specified that they will not accept banquet permits. Rustycon staff will check licenses for compliance and will shut down non-compliant parties.

Thank you,
David Langmack
Vice-Chair, Rustycon