Rustycon needs your help!

We all know it's the volunteers that really run the show, doing all the important stuff that makes a successful Convention. Come to our meetings and help us get this thing off the ground!

Volunteers get all the appreciation, attention, people calling their name right and left… Ok, they also get to meet all the important people -or at least the people who think themselves important. But hey, what can we say. You really do get to help make the convention a lot of fun for everyone. AND you have the chance to score a WHOLE BUNCH of free stuff!

Help start a great convention! Rustycon needs early arrivals on Thursday January 12th at 6PM at the hotel to help with loading and setup. Volunteers helping on Thursday will get double hours for the prize giveaways(if you keep track of your hours). A great opportunity for high school students with volunteering requirements.

We are always welcoming volunteers at the registration table! It's a great chance to see who's at the con!

Contact the Head of Security or Volunteers to sign up!